Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Disney Movie Nights - Cars

We are having a Disney movie night tonight, one of many I hope to do with my kiddos. Some of the food ideas I found online, and the others I came up with myself.
Chick Hicks Chicken (Oven baked chicken)
Mater's Taters (mashed potatoes)
Mack's Macaroni (macaroni and cheese)
Lizzie's Broccoli (broccoli with cheese)
Fillmore's organic fuel (cherry or other dark colored drink)
Luigi's tower of Tires (stacked mini chocolate donuts)
McQueen's Traffic Lights (vanilla wafers with icing and red yellow and green m&ms)

We ended up not making the macaroni, there was already so much going on and plenty of food, we could switch out the potatoes for macaroni when we have another Cars movie night. The dinner was a huge hit, and everyone said it was yummy! Veronica said it was the best dinner ever! Lots of fun, and a great movie to follow the meal up with :)

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