Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disney Movie Nights - The Little Mermaid

Our second movie night was a big hit just as our first night. These dinner ideas were all original, and was very fun to come up with .

Ariel’s Cheesy Sea Shells (Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells)
Titan’s Toast (Texas Garlic Toast)
Scuttle’s  Salad (Caesar Salad)
Ocean Water (Blue koolaid, could use blue food coloring in sprite, or some other blue drink)
Sebastian’s Crab Cake (confetti cake with dyed icing, in the shape of a crab, used 2 circular pans to create the crab look)
added blue colored milk to go with the cake
                                            "Ocean Water"
                                            "Crab Cake"

              We used our "dinglehoppers" to eat with, and not style our hair ;)
                 yum "Ocean Milk" to go with our "crab cake"

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