Saturday, July 21, 2012

Twilight party -

Cheap finds for a Twilight party!
Veronica requested a Twilight themed party for her birthday coming in December. I know it's 5 months away, but I saw these and I had to have them and craft them!
I found the large size (around 8") Bishop and pawn pieces in the clearance section for $1.30 & $1ea, I also scored the broken stem apple for $1 too!
I purchased some "Creative Paperclay" modeling material (cost $1.80 at hobbylobby with a 40% off coupon) which is air dry, perfect for what I need it for. I fashioned a slightly bigger knob on the top of the Bishop, and a flattened another piece of clay and wrapped it wround the top. Next came the pointed peeks of the queen's crown and making it flair out a bit. It doesn't match the book cover perfectly, but close enough for myself and Veronica! After it dries completely I will smooth out the small cracks and paint it a coat of white all over. The pawn was easy, just painted it red, seen here it is covered with 3 coats of acrylic paint.
easy peasy, makes a statement, and inexpensive just the way I like it!
below top left is the "before" pic of the Bishop and pawn pieces :) 

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