Friday, July 27, 2012

Disney Movie Nights - The Three Caballeros & (non Disney) Three Amigos

Another fun movie night! Fiesta style!! We watched The Three Caballeros, and Three Amigos!

Main course
Panchitos Tacos - Tacos with toppings
Banditos Black Beans - Black Beans
Regal Rice (this didn't make it :(   )
Fiesta Juice - Mango Peach
Sopapillas - fried dough, with caramel sauce and powdered sugar topping (no pic sorry)

for the sopapillas, I used biscuit dough (from a can) Ive seen different ways, but this was the easiest for me, rolled it out thin and cut it, fried it in oil, I then topped them all with some caramel sauce I made using THIS recipe, and powdered sugar. Excellente!

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